About LEMA


"Land Engine Manufacturers Association" (LEMA) was founded in 1948 as a membership association, which has been formed of engine manufacturers as well as engine component manufacturers. Its principal function is to enhance the technology in design and production of engines.

By recognizing the vigorous outcomes of LEMA since its foundation on the developments of the internal combustion engine industry other than for onroad and locomotives, LEMA has been granted to be an Incorporated Association by the authorization of the Minister of International Trade and Industry on November 1965.

Since then the opportunity of LEMA to represent Japanese engine industries has been gradually increased, because the activity of LEMA members has not been limited in Japanese domestic market but expanded into the whole world, especially in the US, Europe and Asian countries. Therefore, LEMA altered its name from "Land Engine Manufacturer Association" to "Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association" in February 1999 and this alteration has been also authorized by the competent minister. On April 2012, the registration of LEMA as a General Incorporated Association has been made, which was based on the recent amendment of the legal system on this issue.

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