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Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association, (LEMA)

2-31, Ichigaya-sadoharacho 1 chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0842 Japan
TEL: +81 03 3260 9101
FAX: +81 03 3260 7965


May 1, 1948

LEMA has been instrumental in promoting the sound development of the land engine industry in Japan. As the engine industry expands, LEMA plans to ensure further smooth development for its members and all the other related industries that employ land engines in their business. LEMA's various committees are constantly reviewing and evaluating the activity of this industry.
  1. Investigation on the situation of production, trade, distribution and market
  2. Support and manage research and development on technical issues
  3. Engagement in development and popularization of industrial standards
  4. Compiling and supplying information concerning land engines
  5. Corporation with related associations
  6. Other issue to execute the objectives of LEMA
Board member
President, Vice-president, Managing Director, Executive Directors, Director, Auditor
Katsuhisa Okuda

47 Full members, 11 Associate members, 2 Association members



Steering Committee, Public Relations Committee, Statistics and Trade Committee,Components Committee, Medium & Large Engine Technical Committee, Small Diesel Engine Technical Committee, Gasoline Engine Technical Committee, Gas Engine Technical Committee

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