Controls of Exhaust Emissions

Voluntary emission regulations for non-road engines by LEMA

Brief summary of the voluntary regulation of LEMA

As a measure of LEMA for its basic aim to cope with environment problem positively, LEMA has put its voluntary emission regulation in force for SI and CI engines less than 19 kW.

Fundamental requirements of regulation, such as emission limits, duty cycle and test procedure, have been basically introduced from those applied in the United States for same type of engines. Because Europe Union has also introduced that of the United States too, the requirements of LEMA are, therefore, harmonized internationally. Recognizing this status, the Central Environment Council(CEC) has announced in its report in 2005 and on 2008 that CEC has given the favorable reception to the voluntary emission regulation by LEMA.

The voluntary regulation has been started on 2003 for SI engines and on 2006 for CI engines. The rules and guideline on the detailed procedure, such as the measurement of the emissions, which has been introduced from US rules, the format of data submission to LEMA office and so on, have been prepared by LEMA. The engine industries, as a member of LEMA, are to carry out the engines testing by themselves and report the test date to LEMA office. The submitted data are analyzed by the LEMA office so as to understand the status to cope the voluntary regulation by the member industries and to prepare the summarized report annually.

The engines to be applied in this programme are those to be installed in non-road mobile machineries. The engine to be used in other than self-propelling machines, such as generator-sets, brush-cutters, chain-saws are including. The scope of the application of the regulation are shown in coloured cells in the following table.

Machineries to be installed Land-use non-road machineries Motor vehicle
Transportable (Handheld or Non-handheld) Never operated on public road May be operated on public road
19 < kW 19 ≥ kW 19 < kW 19 ≥ kW
Legislative control no no Act for NSMV no Motor Vehicles Act Motor Vehicles Act
Setting limits no no Air pollution Control Law no Air pollution Control Law Air pollution Control Law
Voluntary regulation of LEMA applied applied no applied no no

Notes ;

: The colored cells show the engine applicable to the voluntary regulations by LEMA, which are gasoline and diesel engines less than 19 kW. The engines applicable to the registration system of the low emission construction machines are not applied to the voluntary regulation by LEMA.

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The labels of the voluntary regulation

The voluntary regulation is carried out independently by LEMA and the participants are the engine manufactures, who are the members of LEMA. There are two types of labels, coloured and black-and-white, prepared to show the compliance with the requirements of this voluntary regulation. The participants are able to select either and may attach those labels on their products.

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Emission standards of the voluntary regulation

Gasoline engine

Last update: July 9, 2018

For gasoline engines, the regulation has started on January 2003. The followings are the current limits.

Current regulation

Applied from Swept volume in cm3. Limits (g/kWh) Test mode

Handheld engines

(Phase 3)

less than 19 kW

Jan., 2014 less than 20 50 805 Steady 2-modes
At or above 20 and less than 50 50 805
At or above 50 72 603

Non-handheld engines

(Phase 3)

less than 19 kW

Jan., 2016 less than 225Note 1 10.0Note 2 610 Steady 6-modes
Jan., 2015 At or above 225 8.0 610

Note 1: Engines at 80 cc or below are subject to handheld exhaust emission standards, but may be installed in
   either handheld or nonhandheld equipment.

Note 2: Interim HC+NOX limit, 13.1 g/kWh is to be applied for the engine less than 140 cc but above 80 cc
   until December 31, 2019.

Diesel engine

Last update: July 9, 2018

For diesel engines, the regulation has started on January 2006. The followings are the current limits.

Power (kW) Applied from Emission limits (g/kWh) Smoke limits (%) Test mode
NMHC+NOX CO PM Acc. Lug Peak
less than 8 kW Jan., 2009 7.5 8.0 0.40 20 15 50

6-mode for variable speed;

5-mode for constant speed;

At or above 8 kW and less than 19 kW Jan., 2009 7.5 6.6 0.40 20 15 50

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